The metals used in the temple have symbolic meanings for the Levitical priesthood (the priests of Israel descended from Levi).  What does silver mean, Levitically speaking?

Silver represents blood.

The redemption coin used was silver (Leviticus 27).  When a person was killed by an ox, the coin paid to the family or owner was silver (Exodus 21:32).  The sockets the Tabernacle rested on were silver, indicating that the Tabernacle rested upon blood (of Christ) (Exodus 26:19).  The money Joab would have paid to a man to slay Absalom in spite of David’s orders to the contrary was silver (2 Samuel 18:11-12).  Haman paid for the privilege of wiping out the Jews with 10,000 talents of silver (Esther 3:9).  The coins the Sanhedrin paid Judas Iscariot with were silver (Matthew 26:15, Matthew 27:6).  When Judas tried to back out of the deal, he declared, “I have betrayed innocent blood (Matthew 27:4).”  By the way, for an interesting prediction of that event, check out Zechariah 11:12-13.  The price was 30 pieces of silver.  Then the money was cast to the potter in the Temple.  When Judas realized he’d condemned Christ, he threw the money back at the Sanhedrin in the Temple.  The money, being blood money, couldn’t be put in the treasury, so it was used to buy a potter’s field to bury strangers in.


2 thoughts on “Silver

  1. Interesting thought. May I ask where you got this concept of tying in silver with blood? Just curious as I have never heard any one tie the two together in my study of scripture. You may have some neat Bible study books I would LOVE to know about…. 🙂


    • When I was teaching and spending a gazillion hours per week on prep work, I listened to a bunch of Koinonia House studies (stick with the vintage stuff, before they go goofy with aliens and UFOs and the Great Pyramid and all that jazz).


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