The Last Mission: Dwarves

“The Last Mission” is a science fiction tale that appears in Seventh Star Press‘s anthology: A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court.

In this tale, the elves and humans take care of basic operations and aerial attacks and defenses for the outpost. Dwarves are the mechanics and engineers (and ground forces, which didn’t appear in this particular story) of the group. They keep all the equipment running.

The dwarf who takes the stage in this tale is Gwalk, the technician who keeps Zanforil’s starfighter in good working order. He shows up a couple times: once right before Zan leaves on the mission and once when he gets back.

Originally, this story was going to be a lot longer, and dwarves were going to have much more to do.

Currently, the tale is a one-man-show. Zanforil, with his prototype armor, charges into enemy territory to disable the missile aimed at the outpost. Then he just has to get out of there.

In the initial idea, Zanforil was still headed in there by himself to wipe out the missile, but that was going to be followed up by a ground assault by a group of dwarves to completely overrun the Horde’s base and take them out of commission.

So, what happened?  Space constraints. The anthologies — both of the ones this was submitted to — had word count limits, and the current story had to be trimmed down as it was.

Some day, I might expand this story into the original format so the dwarves get their on-screen time, too. We’ll see!



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