Remnant in the Stars: Setting

Remnant in the Stars was published by Under the Moon.

Remnant in the Stars takes place in the future. Earth has colonized many of the major moons in the solar system as well as several space stations scattered here, there, and yonder. Although they have interstellar travel, they got that from the Aolanians in exchange for trade agreements and resources.

There are two major locations for this story. The first is onboard Gyrfalcon, a small scout ship. It’s big enough to hold a half-dozen people easily. In the sequel, we’ll find that — as long as folks don’t mind roomies — they can do half that again without too much trouble.

The ship has storage space, a control center, engine room, doctor’s office, crew quarters, and kitchen. Although not intended to be a warship, it can defend itself decently, and it’s fairly maneuverable both in space and in atmosphere.

The other location in the story is a planet where the exploration ship crashes. The planet once had a thriving ecology until the greedier members of the sentient race went after the easily-available resources with devastating results. (I didn’t intend for this tale to be an environmentalist commentary, but it kinda turned into one). The only habitable area now is a small region on the coast of a continent stretching back into a nearby mountain range.




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