Short Stories: Settings

Currently, I have 3 short stories in different anthologies (soon to be back up to 8 then maybe 9). The settings aren’t that complicated for any of them really, so let’s just go for all 3!

First, A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court: The Last Mission was published by Seventh Star Press. “The Last Mission” takes place in a hangar, in two starfighters (briefly), and on an enemy base. Zanforil doesn’t waste any time getting to his mission objective and getting out of there. This, a sci-fi tale, happens in a weird future time when Elves, Dwarves, and Goblins are around.

Second, Hero’s Best Friend: The Hat was also published by Seventh Star Press. “The Hat” takes place in an aviary, a tent, and the stage in a fairground. Cloud practices his hat-snitching trick in the aviary, has lunch in the tent, then flies off the stage during a show at the fairground when he sees the bad guy. I never really locked down a time for this tale. It’s sort of a generic Medieval kind of time.

Third, Medieval Mars: The Dragon’s Bane was published by Bear Publications. This one takes place on a future terraformed Mars. There is a livable ecology there now, and plenty of water (a little too much water in some places). In the lowlands, it’s bit warm and the atmosphere is pretty dense. The higher you go in altitude, the colder it gets and the thinner the air gets. Although there are artifacts here and there from the original settlers in the long-gone “Time of Magic,” the prevailing technology is Medieval, as the anthology title suggests.



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