Clothing Misadventures

As I was getting ready for that Dallas interview last week, I discovered that all my interview-quality dresses have zippers in the back. I can manage that about half the time, but last Friday was not one of those days, and I only managed it by popping my shoulder. Ow.

Today, I went forth into the world to try to scare up a few dresses that don’t have back-facing zippers and don’t need dry cleaning. I got amusing reactions from salesfolks in the clothing stores.

Salesdudette: Can I help you find something?

Me: I’m on the impossible quest, and you may have the answer I seek. I need business-appropriate dresses for scrawny people who don’t like zippers in the back. Like size 0.

Most of them thought that was pretty funny … except for one grouch who apparently was not issued a sense of humor by her manager.

I figured out pretty quickly that I had to specify “business-appropriate” or they’d send me to Juniors, where clothes are designed to neglect the “under” part of the word “underwear.”

In the ladies/misses section of the stores, If you wear Size 6 or higher, you’re in good shape. Those were everywhere. Size 0 or XS is tough to find outside the Juniors area. I think the window decorations are wearing them all.

After touring the entire mall, I ended up with just one dress … and it’ll need a slight alteration to make it fit properly. Not a problem. A few quick stitches and good to go! There were other Size 0s there, but they either required dry cleaning, had a zipper in the back, revealed way too much, or were priced well beyond my budget.

My next stop was also disappointing. I found nothing smaller than a 4, which won’t withstand the pull of gravity.

At the next place, There were no 0s to be had, but I did scare up XS, which is equivalent to Size 2. Most of those had too much room in the top, but I found a skirt that fits if I tuck a shirt into it. Do you think I could find a shirt there that fit? Pfff… Nope. They were all made by The Paul and Barnabas Tent Emporium. Fortunately, although I wanted to match the blue or yellow in the skirt, a plain black or plain white shirt will go with it fine [I have one of each already], and I found a lovely scarf that matched the pale blue in the skirt, so good to go!

At the two places after that, I discovered that my definition of “business-appropriate” is much more strict that some people’s definition of that term… either that, or they’re thinking about a different sort of business. I’d really prefer that the dress’s hem is longer than my fingertips … much longer than my fingertips.

My last stop was the most fruitful. They didn’t carry 0s in the ladies’ section … and 0 in the Juniors had the usual problem. There were XS/2s, though. I did find a calf-length dress and a skirt-and-shirt combo.

In the end, I was victorious! … but it was an all-day adventure.


4 thoughts on “Clothing Misadventures

  1. eightpawswriting

    I find shopping difficult and time consuming, and I don’t have size issues. Pant suits or skirts with a top of some kind and layered with a jacket are easier to wear. Then you can switch them around and add different shoes and simple jewelry.
    Sounds like your on way with some new things! Now Fall is coming! Good luck!!


    • That, too, is tricky. When I get to the great corn patch, we’ll have to see if I have enough winter wear to survive scary things like snow. *gasp*

      Here in Texas, .5″ of snow = close the city! I’m told they still function up north with much more than that. šŸ˜‰


  2. My daughters and myself who are all petite, have had similar problems. Also, we have had problems with blouses cut way too low because they are more popular then modest ones in stores like Target and Wal-Mart. For me, combine that with trying to find things in Autumn colors to go with my slightly olive skin tone. One year, I ended up buying plain boy’s/men’s t-shirts in my colors just so I could have some modest short sleeved shirts because all the women’s I could find were for showing off your top half a little too much, which I am not comfortable in doing. Even harder for my girls to find modest shirts in styles worn by their age group.


    • I believe you. I can buy boys size 16 dress shirts when i want a modest, solid colored, long-sleeved shirt.

      Other than that, I have to hunt far and wide for XS/Size 0


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