Israel’s Blindness

How long is Israel blinded?

According to Romans 11:25, Israel has been blinded until the Fullness of the Gentiles is brought in.  In other words, God is going to deal with the church or Israel as his vehicle for spreading the word but not both at once.  When the church is out of here, Israel is back in the game. This doesn’t mean Israel is not part of God’s plan while the church is still here, so we do need to support the causes of God’s chosen people, but don’t be surprised when they’re not real ecstatic about the message of the Messiah.


2 thoughts on “Israel’s Blindness

  1. Very true, I have Christian friends who work over in Israel with their emergency teams and refugees and I know all too well how hard it can be to share the gospel with these dear people. I also have other friends who are dear Messianic Jews and toil very hard to work with and bring other Jews to a completion in Christ, here in our area. What really touches the hearts of the Jewish people is when the Christians stand with them in “Stand with the Land” celebrations. I am so glad that our church has opened it’s doors to a Messianic group (Hebrew Christian Witness) on Saturdays. They reach out to the Jewish community and offer Sabbath services. We also have started having “Stand with the Land” celebrations once a year. No Replacement theology…. God is dealing a lot with the Gentiles right now, but He is not done with His own Jewish people, and as Christians we need to support and love them.


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