Matthew 13 and the 7 Letters, Part 1

“How do the Kingdom parables (Matthew 13) relate to the epistles from Christ to the Churches?  “

Parable: The Sower and the Four Soils

Church: Ephesus

A sower scatters seed.  Some takes no root, and birds eat it.  Some takes root in shallow soil and doesn’t make it.  Some takes root but gets choked out by weeds.  Some takes root and bears fruit.

The sower is God or the Church working on God’s behalf.  The seed is the Gospel message.  Notice who takes the seeds that don’t take root at all.  The birds are identified as Satan’s ministers.  That’ll be important later.  The shallow roots are people who are ecstatic about Jesus then lose heart when the going gets rough.  The ones that get choked out with weeds are the people that get distracted by the world.

The Apostolic Church scattered the word far and wide.  Sometimes it took root and did well.  Sometimes, it didn’t.  Sometimes it seems to have done well then floundered.


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