Matthew 13 and the 7 Letters, Part 3

“How do the Kingdom parables (Matthew 13) relate to the epistles from Christ to the Churches?”

Parable: The Mustard Seed

Church: Pergamos

A mustard seed grows into a huge tree that the birds can make homes in.

At the outset, it sounds like this one is saying that the Kingdom of God grows enormously large and people find safety there, but that’s not the message at all.

  Remember the birds from the first parable?  They’re the ministers of Satan here, too.  A mustard plant is this little yard-high shrubby thing, not a tree.  So this Church grows unnaturally large (Remember: narrow is the path and few are those who take it…), and corruption in the form of Satan’s ministers comes to take roost in the church.  That’s exactly what happened to the Church Married to the World.


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