Disagree Agreeably

Unfortunately, in the modern world of social media, there has been a disturbing mis-translation. People often assume that “I disagree with you” is equivalent to “You are evil and must be destroyed.”

Many have lost the ability to disagree with someone without being a jerk about it. Social media is full of conversation threads and posts in which someone with a dissenting opinion is lambasted with threats, insults, and foul language.

What has happened to calm, rational discussion of differences? Seriously, does dropping a flurry of f-bombs and threats on the head of someone who disagrees with us convince anyone to change an opinion?

It really IS possible to be pals with someone you don’t lock steps with ideologically.


I have people on social media friends/followers lists on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I actually have legitimate (private) discussions with them about some of these differences without it turning into a barrage of expletives and vitriol. We’ve had these conversations privately so we don’t get snarky twerps butting in with their verbal tac nukes.

My science fiction and fantasy works are being published by 5 small presses. The most  overtly Christian of my works have been published by a small press run by a Wiccan lady and her husband. A third overtly religious work was printed by a press that has people from multiple religions and lifestyles involved. We all get along like civilized humans. I don’t shove my Bible up their noses. They don’t whack me upside the head for believing the content of my Bible.

(Extra bit of interesting trivia: The least overtly Christian of my works was published by a Christian press. The more blatantly Christian ones were rejected by Christian presses for being “too religious.” This amuses me).

We can be civil without being ideological twins. We can disagree without being disagreeable.


5 thoughts on “Disagree Agreeably

  1. Love this! If you use any other social media sites (fb, Instagram, tumblr), please let me know so I can follow! Keep up the great work!


  2. Very true my friend. You and I don’t agree on at least one highly emotional topic, but we are still friends. In fact, I view you as the younger sister I always wanted to have. Mature adults and especially Christians should be able to talk about different topics and disagree, without getting angry at each other. Unfortunately this is something I wish our politicians would learn. I am so tired of the mud slinging in the political arena on both sides. I wish they would stick to the issues and stop trying to “out bully” their rival.


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