Matthew 13 and the 7 Letters, Part 4

“How do the Kingdom parables (Matthew 13) relate to the epistles from Christ to the Churches?”

Parable: The Leavened Bread

Church: Thyatira

  Being happy Gentiles, we don’t get the impact of this one.  I mean, what’s the big deal of a woman adding some leaven (think yeast and you’re not too far off) to bread?  That’s how you make bread, isn’t it?

Well, remember Jesus is talking to a Jewish audience.  In Mid-Eastern cultures, three measures of meal are considered a friendship offering when you have guests.  Leaven is a form of sin or corruption because it puffs up.

  What the woman is doing is offering her guests a corrupted dinner.  The Roman Catholic Church venerates Mary to the point of giving her near-godhood.  She’s considered the “co-Redemptrix” with Christ.  In other words, it’s not God alone who saves our miserable selves.  That was not the original plan.  There’s a prophecy about a virgin giving birth, but absolutely zippo about the mother of God interceding for humanity’s salvation.  God, in fact, is pretty emphatic about you talking to Him when you need something.


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