Matthew 13 and the 7 Letters, Part 5

“How do the Kingdom parables (Matthew 13) relate to the epistles from Christ to the Churches?”

Parable: Treasure Hidden in a Field

Church: Sardis

  A man finds a treasure in a field and hides it then goes to sell everything to get the field.

The treasure is the Gospel.  The field is the world, just as it was in the first parable.

Again, this sounds like a fabulous thing, but look at what the man did with the treasure.  Are we supposed to find the Gospel then hoard it for ourselves?  No.  That’s what the Denominational Churches have done, by and large.  Oh, there’s a lot of noise about going out to spread the Word, but they often sit in what some people call “The Holy Huddle” and don’t do half of what they could if they used their resources properly.

  Another interesting, but unrelated, interpretation on this parable.  If the man is Christ, he bought the ENTIRE field to get a treasure.  Christ’s redemptive work was for all, but he’ll only get a small proportion of the world for his treasure.


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