Happy Hallowthankmas?

This time of year seems like a holiday jumble to me. Some stores have Christmas decorations for sale as early as June. June!  Seriously? Craft supplies I can understand. Crafty stuff takes time, and so having that available earlier in the year makes sense, but fake Christmas trees and decorations? No. Seriously. Make it stop.

The closer we get to the fall months, the weirder things get. A major mall in the area had their Christmas decorations up before October ended. To my great annoyance, I was warned that the decorations flicker. Ugh. Guess I’m not shopping there this winter.

Halloween was just a few days ago. The next day, I learned that some stores already started their Christmas music. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?”  No, it’s not. It’s really not. Not even up here in the north.

Granted, neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving are big on my personal list of holidays. I don’t care for celebrating being mean to people, death and dismemberment, and so on. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies; and I can’t eat candy, don’t drink, and can’t stand crowds. That makes Halloween a non-event. Enh, that’s fine.

Thanksgiving is all about food. Lots of food. Food I can’t eat. So often, when going to a relative’s house, I have to bring my own. That means I’m safe to eat stuff, but I get to watch family and friends chow down on stuff I used to enjoy but can’t any more. That’s a great drag. To my great relief, some of my family — when they’re hosting the event — will make sure I can have the majority of the stuff being served. That makes the dinner rather non-traditional, but I do appreciate the effort. It makes the day less irksome. 🙂

Next comes Crazy Shopper Season, when stores are having Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Major End of the Year, and Any Other Excuse to Have One sales. That means stores are cram packed with grouchy people intent on making sure everyone has the latest and greatest widget on the list. Pushing, shoving, cursing … y’know that good ol’ Christmas spirit … or not. People wonder why I prefer to make presents instead of buying them?

Finally, Christmas, when I get to do my favorite holiday thing: give stuff to people without them going, “What’s this for?”

I’d rather take the holidays one at a time, but that doesn’t seem to work these days. So… Happy Hallowthankmas! Let the festivities continue!


4 thoughts on “Happy Hallowthankmas?

  1. eightpawswriting

    I agree! We can’t change the craziness, but I can choose to take in one holiday at a time. I’ll have a houseful at Thanksgiving!


  2. I agree with you here…And the worst of all… we have left the Lord Jesus out of the Holidays for Him. I mean, at Thanksgiving… who are we supposed to give thanks to, if it isn’t to God the Creator, the one who has given us so much to be thankful for? Also, there would be no Christmas without Christ. Even without the gifts, the hype, the sports games, the food…we can always be thankful for what we have… for family and friends who love us, for a Savior, for the gift of each new day, for our health, for our hobbies, for the color of a sunset, the cry of a baby, a kiss from a puppy… etc, etc. I need to learn this lesson over and over, to be grateful for what I have. So… not preaching at you dear friend…. preaching at me, because I have felt so similar to what you wrote…but I have to remember what’s important. Find the joy in whatever Holiday you celebrate, my friend, and ignore all the hype. 🙂
    Your friend,
    In Christ,
    Gail J.


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