Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology: Implant Communicators

Check it out! Implant Communicators!

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cindykoepp_authorphoto_650x400 Cindy Koepp

The Word Nerds are excited to welcome Cindy Koepp to the blog today to talk about communications and her books, “Remnant in the Stars” and “The Loudest Action.” 

Science fictions is full of interesting ways for characters to communicate with each other across distances. Some, like the 1960s Star Trek communicators, look a little like flip-phones. Others, like the more recent Star Trek series, were little badges the character just had to tap to activate. Some were a lot more complex, like Star Wars’ holographic transmissions.

In Remnant in the Stars and The Loudest Actions, the human characters – most of them anyway – have a communicator implanted in their heads. The communicator shows as a green or red LED under their hair. Tapping the light can turn the communicator on or off, but the default mode is on.

These are not “electronic telepathy.” It’s not as simple…

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6 thoughts on “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology: Implant Communicators

  1. Very interesting. Of course one could always have the implant with an identity chip combo. Anyone for 666? (No thanks for that part.)
    in Christ,
    Gail J.


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