King Herod

For the Christmas season posts, let’s go for a little trivia…

King Herod the Great had control of Israel at the time of Jesus’ birth. He had a convoluted history that involved odd, belligerent, dangerous relatives. He himself was not exactly a nice guy, history tells us.

He took advantage of the political climate of the Roman Empire to come to power by backing the right guy in a civil war.

After the birth of Jesus, the Wise Guys … er … Wise Men stopped in Jerusalem to check in with Herod. Herod asked them to tell him the location of Jesus, but hey, these guys were smart, and they went home by another route to avoid Herod.

Not to be thwarted so easily, Herod ordered the murder of all baby boys (under 2 years old). Fortunately, Joseph got a warning from an angel and took off Egypt with his family before the massacre occurred. Joseph and Mary kept Jesus in Egypt until Herod the Great became Herod the Deceased.

Although Herod was a king in Israel, he was not a Jew.  What was his nationality?


2 thoughts on “King Herod

  1. So if we are going to be accurate we need to not put Wise men in the nativity scenes. They took awhile to get to Jesus. When they arrived he was a young child. That’s why Herod targeted children two and under, because it might have taken the Wise men that long to travel to him. They would have visited the baby probably in a home. So if one insists on putting Wise men up with a nativity scene… put them on the other side of the room or yard. They are on their way.


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