2017 Goals: Crafting Goals

I like to do crafty stuff. I sew some of my own clothes, make quilts, do beadwork, embroider things, and a huge assortment of other creative stuff. When I get going on some manner of craft, I end up with material and other supplies all over the place. The room where I’m doing the crafts ends up looking like a candidate for an episode of Hoarders.

For 2017, I have a few goals related to craftiness.


At the end of 2015, I purchased material for and cut out the parts for a bunch of quilts that I was going to make for Christmas presents in 2016. Well… that didn’t entirely work out. I got a bunch of the tops pieced together, but I didn’t get the embroidery and beadwork done, so the putting-the-quilt-together part didn’t happen. My first goal is to start knocking some of those projects out.

Christmas Presents

I would like to make Christmas presents for friends and family again. For 2016, I found a couple that were easy to make and relatively flat so they fit inside envelopes! That sure saved on the shipping costs, so I’m going to try for something like that again. For folks who are local, I might even use some of the quilts I need to finish. I don’t know if those will fold flat enough to send to folks without incurring a killer shipping cost.


I often end up with enough crafty things that my family and friends have too many  of those things. Like scarves. Or denim purses. Or … whatever else. I’ve tried selling my excess stuff on Etsy. No joy. Very little traction. I had 100 things listed and sold 2 in a year. Whee doggies. I’m trying out Mercari now. Folks are “Liking” the stuff I post, but no one’s buying the stuff I post. I need to keep the stuff I’m listing for my brother’s business separate from the stuff I list for myself, so I’d rather not use eBay. I’m not sure crafty stuff will sell well there anyway.

I’m going to continue trying different venues (both IRL and online) until I find one I can get some traction on.

The first two goals are workable, I think. That last one will be a bit of a challenge, but we’ll see!


4 thoughts on “2017 Goals: Crafting Goals

  1. eightpawswriting

    I’m glad you’re doing something that gives you pleasure. Years ago I did crafts and went to craft fairs. It is a tough way to make money! Are there any stores close by that will sell hand made items on consignment?


  2. If you sell on line… would love to see your site and wares. Best of luck on all your goals. I too have craft goals. Right now a lot of things aren’t sure enough to set goals for, except my crafts.


    • I haven’t put the crafts online. I tried Mercari, but got nothing. Etsy likewise. I might post on eBay, if I can figure out how to keep my stuff separate from the stuff I’m listing for my brother. We’ll see….


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