2017 Goals: Eating Goals

Yes, indeed, I do plan to eat!

But… that’s not what this goal is about.

I have pervasive food allergies and intolerances. My “Don’t eat that!” list is up to 65 things I have to watch out for. Some of these things are real common in the American diet like sugar, soy, and colors/flavors (natural, artificial, or otherwise).

I’ve been running into an increasing number of other folks who have restricted diets for health reasons or sometimes just personal choice. My southern pa now has to forgo carbs in his diet as much as possible because he’s diabetic or just about there. My northern dad had emergency heart surgery for my birthday several years ago. He now minds his diet very closely, too.

So, I have two goals related to eating:

First, for me, create a database. Putting a meal plan together for a week can be annoying. There are lots of rules I’ve been given by a nutritionist that — according to current research — is supposed to slow down the acquisition of new allergies and intolerances. Pain the rear, but it seems to be working. I have had a lot fewer problems with food reactions since starting that plan.

To make meal planning easier, I want to create a recipe database of all the mutated recipes I’ve managed to come up with. I currently use an old fashioned DIY recipe book, but some things fit multiple categories. If I concoct a database with key words, I can search for something like “quinoa” or “quick-fix lunch” or something and get a list of all my options in one place instead of flipping from one end to the other of my recipe book to find my choices. I should end up with a more varied diet that way.

For others, a friend and I have been kicking around an idea to create a recipe book or webpage dedicated to people who can’t eat much. We even have a name for it: “Food Without Much in It.” This will have information on how to mutate recipes and the tricks and “rules” I follow now that seem to have worked for slowing down the development of more allergies.

This might be a bigger elephant than I can eat, so my first tasks are to create an outline and figure out how to organize this beast.

That should keep me plenty busy for 2017.


2 thoughts on “2017 Goals: Eating Goals

  1. Wow… great idea for a book! My dad is in that situation too as he can’t tolerate more meds to control his sugar but needs to cut back on sugar even more then he has been. For many years he has been managing his diabetes with diet alone. Now at 92 that isn’t working as well any more. Mom is stressed out searching for ways to have dad not consume sugar and at the same time not eat tons of fiber which he cannot tolerate anymore. He also has a pace maker and already takes lots of meds for his heart. Again, great idea for a book!


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