The Bird’s Word: Getting the Human’s Attention

Masika came out 2


My name is Masika D. Greyt. I’m a Timneh African Grey. I’ve lived with several humans before my current human, so I think I have some good insights into human behavior. So, all you fine, feathered birds and human allies, here is some advice for you.

There are definitely times when a parrot needs to get the attention of their human roommate. After all, humans seem to be on a different schedule and forget when our snack times are. I don’t understand this, personally. You would think that they could keep up with the schedule’s 952-day rotation. Still, none of my humans quite figured it out, so I have devised a number of ways to get their attention to remind them that I am dying of hunger over here and could use a snack. Yes, even if there is “plenty of good food and water in my bowls.” That’s not the point. Honestly.

Screech. No, not a cute, little squeak. Really cut loose with a good, loud SCREECH! That will get the human’s attention. They might not be happy about the noise, but they might come visit and notice that you have been snack-deprived.

You can also discover new noises to make. Every apartment I’ve ever been in has had some feature that allowed me to make terrific noise. My current apartment has metal walls and roof but a plastic basement. Where the metal connects to the plastic, I can twang the metal with my beak. That gets my human’s attention. She thinks I might be trying to break my apartment. Nah. This is a pretty sturdy place. I could destroy it if I wanted to, but not yet.

Rattling the doors, depending on your apartment’s design, might also work. You’ll have to check out the sort of apartment your human bought for you. You’ll find some kind of noise to make with it.

If you’re a big enough bird, you can also smack empty food bowls around. Just grab them by the edge, slide them out a little bit, then slam them back into the side of the apartment. Guaranteed to get your human’s attention. If your food bowls are attached to to the apartment walls, you’ll have to find some other way.

There you have it. Three ways to get your human’s attention. I’ll be back from time to time to give you more avian advice.


4 thoughts on “The Bird’s Word: Getting the Human’s Attention

  1. eightpawswriting

    Masika needs attention like my dogs. My guys bark to let me know something is different. They get treats when they are quiet and do as I ask. How long have you had Masika?


    • Masika has been with me for about a decade. Her previous parronts had her for about 15 years. We can account for about 30 years of her life, but she’s developing cataracts now and showing signs that she’s partially blind (or at least severely vision-impaired). I personally think she’s a good deal older than 30.


  2. Oh yes! And then there are the more coy ways to get my human’s attention like whispering “kiss kiss” as they walk by, or giving an angry token lunge as they walk by to say… “hey… where is my noodle since you are eating one.” There is also the constant chatter that gets louder and louder because I have been a little chef and made poop soup in my water bowl and I want my human to clean it………. NOW, so I can bathe in a clean water bowl. Hah! LOL!


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