Weird Science: Bombardier Beetles

Bombardier Beetles are curious critters. They create high-speed jets of boiling hot, caustic liquid capable of being pin-point aimed through a 270-degree arc. Wow…

Because of their uniqueness, they’re a controversial critter, used by both evolutionists and creationists as proof that the other side is just being goofy. As a result, it was difficult to find information that didn’t have a heavy bias. Some day, if I’m feeling up to starting an ideological firefight on my blog, I may give you my opinion (and the reasoning for it) on that particular debate.

For now, though, check out a beetle that would blow itself up if the mechanism for creating such an exothermic reaction failed.





3 thoughts on “Weird Science: Bombardier Beetles

  1. Yeah… the Creationists use this critter to say that dinosaurs could have had a mechanism in them for a chemical reaction, in order to cause them to breathe fire. I tend to agree since I think the book of Job mentions a real fire breathing dragon. Its not that hard to envision a dinosaur as a fire breathing dragon.


    • Creationists also hold that trying to develop the exothermic reaction in a bombardier beetle would not have worked stepwise. The beetle would have blown itself up.

      Evolutionists claim it’s possible to develop it stepwise because they’re all enzyme reactions.

      Some day, I’ll be brave enough to post my own ideas about that debate.


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