Grab Bag: Did you ever wonder…

… why hotdogs and hotdog buns don’t come in packages with the same quantities?

… why people will pay more for a machine made widget that will likely fall apart faster than a similar handmade widget?

… why words spelled with the same letter combinations (eg: daughter/laughter) don’t sound the same?

… why a woodchuck would even want to chuck wood?

… how long to the Point of Know Return?

… why the Son had to Carry On if he was so Wayward?

… what those last two questions referred to?

… why people drive on parkways and park on driveways?

… why your feet smell but your nose runs?

… if plastic storage container lids and socks end up in the same alternate dimension when they disappear?

Do you wonder about something? Post it in the comments.


A Is for Cartoon

Cartoons can be fun. Puns, sight gags, general all around wackiness, and sometimes, yes sometimes, some very profound thoughts come from cartoons. I haven’t watched many of the recent ones, but when I need a cartoon or two, I jump over to YouTube and load up some of my favorites: Histeria, Looney Tunes, and the one I enjoy the most, Animaniacs.

Animaniacs is why A is for Cartoon. Three siblings have a variety of adventures, usually involving terrific puns and plays on words. There isn’t an actual plotline to the series as a whole, but often specific episodes tell their own story. Here are a couple of my favorite ones, well, the shorter of my favorites. I enjoyed a bunch of the ones that were as long as the time slot allowed.

For the next time, remember, B is for Pets.